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Our Impact

Between April 2013 and March 2014, we allocated more than $1.3 million to dozens of programs, funds and equipment purchases to improve the quality of healthcare in Saint John, for the benefit of all New Brunswickers. Some of our investment highlights from the last year include:

$323,000 in hospital and laboratory equipment

$232,000 in scholarships to nearly 30 medical students

$98,000 in Intensive Care Unit equipment

$83,000 in neurosurgery equipment

$69,000 in patient comfort items for palliative care

$50,000 to the NB Heart Centre and cardiac health and wellness programs

$130,000 in funding for community mental health programs










The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation raises funds to support leading-edge technology and research at the Saint John Regional Hospital, the largest healthcare centre in the province - providing world-class care for all New Brunswickers.  Since 1980, the Foundation has raised more than $85 million, thanks to the generosity of more than 50,000 donors.

High Tech Equipment a Key Pillar of Care at the Saint John Regional Hospital

The Foundation’s campaign for The Give 2015 – “Always On, Always Awake, Here for You” – offered our community the opportunity to support priority needs in any of the Foundation’s five Pillars of Care: high-tech equipment, mental wellbeing (MindCare), clinical education, research, and patient comfort.

“O”- Arm: The purchase of an O-Arm will make Saint John Regional one of only a few hospitals in the country to offer spinal surgeons and neurosurgeons the capability to see three-dimensional images of the spine while performing surgery. This will enable surgeons to ensure that delicate surgery is performed with absolute accuracy, making the surgery faster and increasing safety and the speed of recovery for the patient, with fewer complications. It will also reduce the amount of exposure to radiation for OR staff, extending the careers of surgeons and orthopaedic nurses significantly.  Learn more - view a video explaining how the O-Arm works


Exciting News!  
With your help, we reached $900,000 goal for laboratory equipment!

Thanks to overwhelming support from our community, on February 12, 2015, we reached our fundraising goal and officially closed The GIVE campaign for Personalized Medicine.  Funds raised will be used to purchase 13 pieces of state-of-the-art equipment for our hospital's laboratory.  This equipment will give our laboratory team the tools they need to analyze the entire human genome - to look at our DNA and to provide our medical team with the information they need to personalize cancer care for our patients.

To learn more about this equipment and how it will benefit our community, download our brochure.