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Patient Comfort

Patient Comfort means enhancing the hospital experience for patients, families and staff at the Saint John Regional Hospital by fulfilling needs for emotional support, physical comfort and medical care.



The Brighten Group & The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation: Partners for Patients

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Thanks to a very generous $100,000 leadership gift from The Brighten Group that will go toward upgrades to family rooms in both the neonatal department and pediatrics department at the Saint John Regional Hospital, the Foundation's 2016 The GIVE Pediatric Medicine is off to a trememdous start! 

“The Saint John Regional Hospital Auxiliary’s Brighten Group and the Foundation have a successful history of working together. In the past, the Auxiliary’s Brighten Group contributed $500,000 toward the purchase of the C Arm for the Foundation’s “Caring for Healthcare Campaign” and another $250,000 for the Pet/CT Scan Campaign. Both of our teams count on the support of the community at large to provide much needed programs, furniture, equipment and education at the Saint John Regional Hospital. Our partnership strengthens our ability to leverage that support and we look forward to continuing our work together on future initiatives.” - Katie Rogers, President, Brighten Group Board of Directors

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Free Patient Wireless at the Saint John Regional Hospital

Horizon Health Network, in partnership with its hospital foundations and auxiliaries, is now offering free wireless
internet access for patients and their loved ones at select hospitals.

Horizon has funded the operational costs for implementation and, in the case of the Saint John Regional Hospital, the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation is very proud to announce that the Brighten Group (Saint John Regional Hospital Auxiliary) has offered a generous sponsorship to kick-start the initiative.

The Brighten Group sees patient wireless as a wonderful fit with their mandate to enhance the hospital experience for patients, families and staff. Having access to WiFi while at our hospital will help make patients’ days a little brighter.

Providing patients with WiFi can help families during both short and long term hospital stays and will bring big patient comfort benefits. In some cases, it may help younger patients keep up with school work and stay connected with friends, or allow parents and grandparents to continue to participate in family updates during a hospital stay. Access to wireless will provide numerous patient comfort benefits to everyone involved in care and recovery.

The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation and the Brighten Group have been long-standing partners for patients, and the power of gifts such as patient wireless, made possible by numerous generous donors and volunteers, will be felt by thousands of patients.

The New Brunswick Extra-Mural Program

Known by many as the “hospital without walls”, The New Brunswick Extra-Mural Program provides comprehensive home health care services to New Brunswickers in their homes and in their communities.

For many patients, being able to receive treatment at home makes all the difference. That's why the Extra Mural Program (EMP) works to prevent hospitalization and, when hospitalized, helps get patients discharged and safely home.

The EMP provides a range of healthcare services, including rehabilitative services, education and support for chronic disease management and palliative services for both patients and caregivers.

For standard service delivery of care, EMP is funded by Horizon Health Network. But for services that go beyond the basics, the EMP relies on donations to the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation.

The demands on EMP services grow each year. Saint John is the biggest EMP unit in the province, with more than 100,000 cases from more than 7,000 patients in 2013. As EMP responds to the ever-increasing demand for service, without additional funding, they look more and more to our Foundation for help.

The Saint John EMP team consists of nurses, social workers, dietitians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, respiratory technologists, speech language pathologists and administrative staff. They all travel throughout the greater Saint John area and are on call 24/7.



Palliative Care Garden

In September, 2015, thanks to your generous donations, we official opened the long-awaited Palliative Care Rooftop Garden.  

The outdoor space was the long-time dream of the late Tim Cameron, former CEO of the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation.  Tim's wife, Cathy, was on hand for the opening and was grateful to see that Tim's wish will bring comfort to many patients and their families for years to come. 



Employee Crisis Fund

The employees of our hospital need to be cared for as well. Donations help fund an Employee Crisis Fund so staff in this facility can access funds during immediate and urgent personal situations of crisis.

If you are a Horizon employee and would like more information about the Employee Crisis Fund, please contact:
Art Gallant, Manager of Social Work – 648-7505
Pam Driedger, Director of Spiritual Care – 648-6014
Edie Daniells, Employee Health – 648-7191

Click here to download an application form