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Our Patients

Rickie's Story

“Sometimes you just have to go ahead, say a prayer and weather the storm.”

Rickie Smith, a cancer patient at the Saint John Regional Hospital, sends uplifting messages to everyone on his friends list, in hopes of inspiring them to keep living life to the fullest.  Read more


Emily and Michaela's Story

One time preemie twins come full circle. The girls spent the first four months of their lives in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Saint John Regional Hospital. Their family contributed to the campaign to renovate the NNICU, and now they’re the recipients of MindCare scholarships -  a perfect example of the power of local philanthropy.  Read more


Shawn & Nuala's Story

On September 2014, Shawn Reilly felt a pain in his chest. He was only 39 years old, and he knew something wasn’t right. Read more


David Duplisea's Story

David knows first-hand how your donations - and the power of philanthropy -  have helped members of our community. Watch the video


Joan Small's Story

Joan's husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of a large orange.  Thanks to the medical professionals at our Regional Hospital, she and Roger got to spend another 18 years together.  Listen to Joan's story


Kimberly Ranson's Story

Doctors at the Saint John Regional Hospital diagnosed a rare condition early, giving Kimberly’s son, Colin, consistent care in a compassionate and comfortable environment.  Listen to Kimberly's story


Bill Dashwood's Story

Bill and Starr Dashwood are very grateful to all the medical professionals who bring hope for happier outcomes at our Regional Hospital.  Listen to Bill's story


Ross and Willa Mavis' Story

In 2014, Ross had a Transcatheter Aortic Valve implanted in his chest. That was on a Friday afternoon. He was up and walking the next day!  For Willa, it’s the combination of compassion and professionalism in emergency situations that sets our Regional Hospital apart.  Listen to Ross' story and Willa's story


Jason Pollari's Story

There was a time when Jason and Carrie Pollari didn’t know if their premature daughter, Grace, would ever get to leave the hospital. Listen to Jason's story


Stacey Mill's Story

Stacey  and Moe Mills were eager to start a family.  They were devastated when Stacey went into labour very early at 24 weeks.  Listen to Stacey's story


Wenmei Li's Story

When Wenmei's husband, Keith, lost his appetite and his normal high energy, it was clear something was very wrong.  Listen to Wenmei's story


Hailey, Paisley and Jack's Story

Amelia Porter and Russ Cameron found out they were going to be parents eight weeks into their pregnancy. They were first told they were having twins. The next day, they found out it was triplets. Good things come in threes!  Read more


Mike’s Story

When Mike Bacon’s dad fell from a ladder it turned out that the fractured pelvis and lacerated liver were relatively minor injuries compared to what the ICU would find when they did extensive testing to determine what had caused him to black out and fall in the first place.

“They discovered that dad had three nearly completely obstructed arteries, and that he needed emergency triple bypass surgery. He was transferred from the ICU to the Cardiac Care Unit, where he spent about a week getting ready for the procedure.  Read more


Gwenn’s Story

My name is Gwenn Bartlett.  I’m a breast cancer survivor and I’m currently undergoing personalized targeted cancer treatment at the Saint John Regional Hospital. 

I had a mastectomy back in April 2013 after a routine mammogram found a lump in my breast.  This whole experience made me realize that if you can think of something nice to do for someone, just do it.  Every good deed, no matter how small, makes a big difference.  That’s why I want to tell the story of the wonderful care I received at our hospital, and why I want to encourage everyone to support The Give 2014 campaign for Personalized Medicine.  Read more and listen to Gwenn tell her story at our Radiothon


Angel & Roger’s Story

It is not often that we come across a story as striking and as heartwarming as that of our staff members Roger and Angel l’Huillier. 

Roger is a cardiac nurse for the New Brunswick Heart Centre on 5B North and he wanted to get involved in raising funds to benefit the 2012 campaign.  He knew of the great work being done for the cardiac patients of our province and he wanted to get involved in making the purchase of the new Heart/Lung bypass machines possible.  Roger was planning to get the service group that he belongs to put on a benefit concert.  Roger and I began making plans.  But after a couple of weeks I stopped hearing from him, so I sought him out.  Read more


Bronwyn’s Story

Bronwyn loves playing outside in the yard with her family. For the last four years, time spent playing with her family has felt extra special.

On September 15, 2009 – when Bronwyn was seven years old – her father was pulling her in a wagon when she fell out and hit her head. Moments after the fall, Bronwyn didn’t seem herself, so her parents rushed her to the ER. As it turned out, a part of her brain had ruptured, causing a life-threatening hemorrhage.  Read more


Angélique’s Story

A New Brunswicker since birth, Angélique has always been an active person, immersing herself in nature whenever possible.

On November 22, 2012, all of that changed. Angélique and her husband, Kevin, were driving home when Kevin saw something in the middle of the highway and swerved to avoid a collision. They lost control of their SUV and veered off the highway, rolling several times before coming to a stop in the ditch.  Read more


Shelley’s Story

There’s a lot to be said for the power of ritual. In Shelley Cohen-Thorley’s case, ritual may have saved her life.

For more than a decade, Shelley took her dog, Sami, on a daily five-kilometre walk along the beach near her home in Hardings Point, NB. Those one-on-one beach strolls were the highlight of Shelley’s day.

As she reflects fondly on those walks now, she says she had no idea she was readying herself for the fight of her life.  Read more