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Your donations help to sustain important and greatly appreciated programs such as professional development grants for nurses.

Nursing Education Fund

A nurse’s job is multi-faceted. Nurses are both the lead clinical caregiver and the main point of contact for patients and their loved ones. It’s a fundamental and challenging role – one that often goes uncelebrated.

But thanks to the support of donors to the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation and a committed team of volunteers, close to 200 Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) from the Saint John Region came together for two days of networking and professional development, focused on patient centered care, one of Horizon’s strategic directions over the next five years.


Patient Centered Care: The Journey Continues conference ran from Tuesday, March 22 to Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal on Water Street in Saint John and was made possible through donations to the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation’s Education Pillar.

The goal was to reenergize the nursing workforce through the power of stories, the strength of networking and the sharing of knowledge between experienced professionals, then to use the tools to enhance the care they give to patients every day.

Of the120 participants who completed the post-event survey at last year’s inaugural conference 100%
gave a positive response. 25% of participants described the experience as “very good” while 75% said it
was “excellent. One participant wrote, “Thank you for the past two days, because it reminded me why I
became a nurse. Everyone who attended those two days felt valued as a nurse and as an employee.”

“The conference is an opportunity to support professional and personal development for our nurses,” said Catherine Hinton, Vice President of Philanthropy at the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation. “We are thrilled that our donors support a Nursing Education Fund so our nurses can access top-notch professional development conferences, courses, and workshops. Nurses are at the heart of health care, and networking opportunities such as this conference reinvigorate them – it’s like nourishment for their nursing souls.”


Check out the 2015 conference photos from the closing keynote address - by Martin Latulippe - a hockey player turned professional speaker. It's a joy to see so many happy faces!